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  Traditional house in Toledo, part of the noble and religiousatmosphere of the place.  
The building retains the old wooden structure in sight, combining itwith mud floors and antique furniture giving a warm rustic feel.
With decorative elegance combine full of personal worth, nicefabrics, pottery and jars, forming a simple and very welcoming.
The abundance of light from the balcony is appreciated throughout the house, which has three floors. At the bottom the reception hallgives way to other plants which are the Office and the rooms.

The hostel is in the center of Toledo Alfonso XII on the street for 8centuries but this street was called the Royal Prison because it was the building to "jail for honest people" is, of distinguished lineage.And for several centuries after the jail was the palace of the Count ofCifuentes, said so in the plane of the painter El Greco in 1561.
Contrary to what was jail and there was the palace of the Dominicanconvent of Madre de Dios was founded in 1482 and with which the Count of Cifuentes communicated by a shed, typical in Toledo, but that no longer exists.
Hostal Alfonso XII's now part of the houses adjacent to the conventwhere he lived fifteen neighbors, two painters as El Greco said, and curiosities of Toledo, so is the last owner, the renowned painter Pedro Sanchez Colorado of Toledo
At the beginning of the street from the hostel, is the mansion of theCounts of Red where one of its dependencies lived and died the first director of the Royal Academy of Toledo.
Culminates in the environment, the Plaza, which lies between the Inn,the former Palace of Cifuentes and the Big House of Rojas.
Seductive and pleasant square in front of us call Brown in honor of Bernardo Brown canon, but for centuries it was also called thesquare of the Count of Cifuentes and in 1775, of course, place of Master.
The aerial view puts us very close and between the churches of San Salvador, San Roman and Santo Tome.

Hostal Alfonso XII


Toledo, Calle de Alfonso XII, 18


Telephone: (+34) 925 252 509